Expanding your business to e-commerce is a daunting proposition, even for the most seasoned professional. How do you go about it? How would one establish a viable Internet presence? What will it cost? How can you market your website effectively? What is the timeline for these kinds of projects? How can you maximize your e-Business potential? All valid questions.

We can help you with all this and more. Whether you’re looking for a business-to-business or business-to-consumer solution, we will help you in evaluating your needs and develop a solid implementation strategy/solution to build your e-Business within budget and time with high quality. Yes you have heard that before but this time it is really true. We have catered to a variety of clients ranging from small business to medium size business where the needs were radically different from each other. For some we recommended and helped implement in-house approach and for some we implemented Yahoo and Amazon stores for them. And for some some we have implemented simple Web Services on SOAP and REST to be consumed by other businesses. Solutions vary according to the need.

In order to generate real, measurable results for you, we use a simple approach that links these fundamental development competencies together. Our consultants have extensive experience in both open source and commercial e-Business solutions and have strengths in e-Business strategy, implementation, maintenance and possess good project management skills to bring all of your projects to successful conclusions.