The complexity of today's systems combined with rapid development methodologies are increasing the time, budget and quality pressures on testing efforts. Product enhancements, new releases and defect fixes are creating a constant need to regression test large systems. In order to efficiently regression test, Organizations need to automate the testing of high volume and data-driven transactions. Jashya can help automate complex applications so that fewer resources are needed to execute the tests. Jashya automation framework reduced regression testing time from weeks to hours at many client sites.

Jashya Test Automation Advantages :

  • Jashya has developed a combined Keyword and Hybrid framework approach.
  • Enhanced supervision of maintaining manual test cases for the automation work.
  • Strong test automation resources.
  • 100% reusability.
  • Strong Test Data analysis.
  • Effective communication between the manual and the automation resources.
  • Effective Functional Automation and Performance Automation processes.
  • Expertise in various automation tools.
  • Expertise in open source technologies to create a less expensive automation framework.
  • Shortened release schedules through reduced testing cycle time.
  • Strong Defect Management Life Cycle.
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality and Metrics
  • Training Support

To support our approach, we offer a complete test automation solution including, a proven test automation process that maximizes reuse while minimizing resource costs. Jashya Testing Experts, who can transfer knowledge to your staff for efficient test automation and the effective use of your automation tools. We support implementation of test automation using HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test pro and LoadRunner Tools. For other automation suites, we provide our own open source test automation tools and technologies.